Umělecké soustružení DŘEVA

Woodturning course on 20th and 21st June – Many thanks and summary

June 21, 2020

Patrik from Prague and Jean-Pascal from France made a wonderful woodturning course in English.

Both are wood lovers and showed talents for woodturning. They made two luxurious bowls each from cherry and oak wood in top quality. Apart from practising all the spindle techniques, they learnt sharpening gouges and got lots of tips for woodturning see photos below.

Patrik worked on the top class lathe Coronet Herald from Record Power and as he said he had wanted to try this lathe before buying it. Patrik appreciated its power, the swivelling head stock, easy operation and design. On top of that it can be easily transported.

Jean-Pascal, who worked on the wood lathe Ligmet KS 1200, had already bought Coronet Herald and is very satisfied with it.

I wish them both a lof of fun with woodturning!