Umělecké soustružení DŘEVA

Smal-scale production – oak points for big tents

March 23, 2019

I have upgraded a heavy-duty lathe, which I bought 5 years ago, with a stronger motor 2HP and an electronic variable speed control 0-1,000, 0-2,200 and 0-3,400RPM. It also has a heavy-duty duplicator weighing 90 kilos.

I was asked to make 25 pcs of 150mm long wooden points with M12 nuts to secure tents canvases. I suggested oak wood and a metal base with a nut welded on it and with four screws to fix the base on the bottom of the pin. The metal part was galvanised.

First 60 mm plank was cut to pieces of the dimensions 60 x 60 x 200 mm. Then they were turned into cylinders on the duplicator. Next using a steady rest I drilled a 100 mm hole with a 15 mm drill and turned holes for the nut and the base. Having made a plywood template I turned the shape of the point again through the duplicator. Next I applied tree coats of oil. In the end I assembled the whole product.

Below you can see some photos of the points and I am editing a video of the whole turning steps. I enjoyed this job!