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Record Power Lathe Maxi-1 at the exhibition Ligna Bohemia 2019

February 17, 2019

The representatives of Record Power asked me to cooperate with them at the exhibition of woodworking machines Ligna Bohemia 2019 in Lysá nad Labem and I was very pleased to be able to work on their lathes particularly Maxi-1.

The overall cast iron construction of the lathe including legs makes the quality basis of a professional lathe. During my aggressive cuts the motor showed great power and was very quiet. I enjoyed the electronic speed control and the tool rest and the tail stock were easy and fast to operate. It has a modern swivel head stock that allows you to turn larger project outboard. I also used Record Power SC4 chuck that is precise and strong. This lathe was a real pleasure to work on and its design and value make it the best choice for both professionals and enthusiasts.

I was pleasantly surprised that so many visitors were interested in woodturning and I was more than happy to share my woodturning knowledge and skills with them. I will even help one of them to upgrade his lathe SL2000 with an electronic speed control.

Finally I would like to thank the representatives of Record Power for choosing me for this mutually fruitful cooperation. I quickly teamed up  with them and we cooperated together very well. For more quality woodworking machines please visit or

Ligna Bohemia 2019 - Record Power

Soustruh Maxi-1