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Duplicating oak table legs

March 22, 2020

I’d like to share this interesting work with a lathe duplicator. The length of the wooden leg is 82 cm, the biggest diameter is 6 cm and the smallest one is 3.5 cm. I made four legs for an oak table and I had to make a decision whether I should make each manually or use a duplicator. In the end I went for the duplicator in order to improve my duplicating skills.

I turned one leg manually and used it as a template. First I roughed the timber into a cylinder and turned both ends of the leg to the precise measures to be able to set the template accordingly. Then I started duplicating taking 2-3 mm at a time. 3,400rpm were used.

Finally I finished the tenon through a duplicator tool rest, sanded it with grits of 80 – 400 and parted it at the bottom of the leg with the parting tool from Record Power. I strongly realised that when it comes to turning super sharp tools is a must.

Thank you for reading and I wish you lots of fun with woodturning!