Umělecké soustružení DŘEVA

A large pear floor vase-video

February 12, 2019

Recently I have roughed out a large floor vase from green pear wood. I shot the whole process and published on YouTube. I wanted to show the beauty of woodturning as well as the wood. It is a real pleasure to turn green wood, particularly pear wood. It feels as if you cut frozen butter. This is the first step of making a vase. The second step is the drying process when the piece covered by the shavings stays in a jute sack for some time ranging from a few months to a few years. Then the vase is re-turned to the final shape and sanded. In the end it is finished with oil.

This vase is designed to be used for dry as well as wet plants with an insert. On top of that, because the inner diameter will be around 16cm it can be used for example as a plant or bonsai tree stand. This vase will be a part of a new collection that I am working on. Thank you for your interest in Beauty of Wood /Krása dřeva!