Umělecké soustružení DŘEVA

Plum bowl 19,5cm x 6cm

Plum bowl 21 x 3,7 cm

Bird cherry bowl 33 x 7,5 cm

Walnut bowl 33 x 8 cm

Walnut bowl 23 x 14,5 cm

Apricot bowl 17 x 7 cm

Spalted beech bowl, vase and candle holder 38,5 x 13,5 cm

Beech platter 36 x 4,7 cm

Woodturning has become my passion and adventure. It is an old handcraft that connects me with nature. It includes accuracy, skilfulness, concentration, patience, courage and creativity.

Circular shapes are magical.

When I turn, I am inspired by the nature of WOOD, my current mood and feelings.
The transformation of a raw and rough piece of wood into a symmetrical shape and a smooth and satin surface, is something unique.

I like trying new things. Wood has become a path to me to look for shapes, textures and colours.
I let its natural beauty reveal itself without any repairs and as a finish I use natural oil, wax or special foodsafe oil. Each bowl is made from one piece of wood.

Both a tree and a bowl have its own story. The BEAUTY of WOOD is pleasing for eyes, but when you touch it, it is enjoyable experience.